How to Get the Best Hires for Your Dental Practice (Part 1)

Hiring competent workers is often not the easiest thing to do, and in most industries, that’s a fact. In the world of dentistry, hiring can be one of the stressful aspects of growing and managing a dental practice. Things can also become worse when new employees make mistakes that will cost the practice. This is why you’ll want to do whatever it takes to avoid these beginner mistakes.

If you want to get the best hires for your dental practice, here are several important points to consider:

Experience Doesn’t Equate to Excellence

You may have reviewed several applications in which applicants boast of their extensive experience. Indeed, it’s impressive on paper, but be mindful as this experience doesn’t necessarily mean they will deliver the best results for your practice.

This is why even though a new employee seems to know every rule in the book, initial training must still be done. This type of training should treat the new employee as if they haven’t worked in any dental facility before, regardless of the years of experience they have under their belts. Someone with plenty of experience may go through the training much faster, but at least going over the touchpoints and ensuring they know how to do things the way they’re supposed to do in the practice will go a long way.

The initial training must include a tour of the practice, staff introduction, and manual and policies reading, among others. Keep in mind that one of the important things to look for with a new hire is their willingness to learn new skills. If someone refuses to learn because they think that they already know everything, that is likely a red flag of their overall character as a professional.

Take One Task at a Time

Everybody, even the most experienced ones, needs plenty of practice before they can do something perfectly. Also, nobody can remember every detail if you explain many tasks to them at once and just let them do them.

Dental Talent How to Get the Best Hires for Your Dental Practice Part 1
How to Get the Best Hires for Your Dental Practice (Part 1) 7

Because of this, take it one at a time and allow room for practice. That way, the new hire will get familiar with how things work, how things should be done, and other things in the office that will help them move through efficiently in the coming days in the office.

Patience is the key here, which is why you need to allow the new hire time to get used to everything in the practice. Remember, your new hire doesn’t need to provide you with innovative ideas immediately or develop better solutions for your practice. The first few weeks should be all about getting used to how things are done in the practice. With that, you can expect the new hire to be more efficient, which will result in fewer mistakes!


Hiring new staff for your dental practice is indeed a stressful process. Even if you think you have the best person for the job, they still need to undergo basic training to know and get used to how things work in your office. In the second part of our post, we will discuss more things to help you through the hiring process and have the most efficient staff in your practice!

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