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The Life of a Locum Dentist – Locum Dentist Jobs

Is Locum Dentistry for me?

Locum or Locum tenens means to fulfil the duties of another professional temporarily. This term is used for physicians, clergyman or others in the medical profession.

Locum dentistry has many advantages and disadvantages too. It all depends on what you love as a person.

Locum isn’t for everyone because of its dynamics. It is better to decide if locum dentistry is for you rather than regretting on the long-run. If you are the right person for the job, then, be happy because this type of practice offers financial rewards, professional rewards and blend of freedom and satisfaction.

Now, these are the questions you should ask yourself before venturing into locum dentistry.

Are you able to stay away from home for long periods? Can you be able to be out from work for months or even half of the year? Can you manage your finances well when there is no work? You should consider the financial implications if you’re the breadwinner of the family? Last but not least, can you be able to adapt to different work environments?

Locum dentistry works well for those with little to no family ties. Those with less financial burdens and those whose doesn’t have family or parents to care for can also do well in locum dentistry. It is also for those looking to reduce the hours they spend on other commitments. Some of these commitments might be travelling or studying.

To be a locum; you have to be flexible, be willing to be out of your comfort zone and also be able to deal with spending time away from home and loved ones.

These are some of the Pros of being a Locum Dentist:

Have you ever wondered if locum is the right choice? If it offers permanent job security and if you can still enjoy full family life. No, locum doesn’t provide any exceptional job security, and you will be away from family from time to time.

But if you still love the idea of being a locum dentist, then these are the benefits you will enjoy.

  1. Excellent day rate: The dentist profession needs more locums daily. Facilities and recruiters are ready to pay a huge wage to attract potential candidates, and this goes without saying.Some roles, you can earn a flat £400-500 per day not including expenses like travel etc.


  1. Hotel and Travel allowance: Most practice will pay for your accommodation, travel expenses and other little things for the duration of your contract. If you love meeting and exploring new places, this is an excellent incentive for people that love adventures.


  1. Freedom and Flexibility: Locum offers the highest level of flexibility and freedom. You can’t get this type of flexibility on other jobs of any kind. You choose where you want to work, when you want to work, how you want to work and other freedoms.

As a locum dentist, the buzzing business world doesn’t concern you because to a great extent; you will be able to dictate how you want to work.


  1. Variety: As a locum, you will experience a range of jobs, different dental settings and other experiences that is readily available for you. You can broaden your horizon with these great opportunities.

If you can manage the cons; there are numerous benefits attached to locum dentistry, and if you commit yourself, you will likely enjoy the benefits.

The Big Realities:

As we mentioned earlier, locum dentistry can be hard and sour to some people. To get the best picture of what you will experience as a locum Doctor, these are the realities of being a locum:

*You will be away from home and won’t have all your homely comforts and fun

*Vacancies in London and Scotland attracts a lot of attention hence consider looking other areas

*You won’t always like the roles, sometimes you will work under conditions that you normally won’t like

*It is like freelancing; you won’t always have work

*Sometimes you may take what is available rather than what is desirable. Scarcity of Locum jobs or other factors can force you to take up some duties you don’t like.

*Some contracts don’t work out.

If you persevere and adapt; locum can be outstanding and worth it. Have it at the back of your mind that locum isn’t a perfect job type. When you have made this concession, you will now enjoy its numerous benefits and opportunities.

Our Tips for getting a job you want:

To get a job in the aspect of locum tenens;

  • Be open-minded and adaptable
  • Use the services of specialist locum dentist recruitment agencies like us. We can always guide, raise your profile in the marketplace and also help process your assignments.
  • Most times, there won’t be written contract hence contact your agency and seek some form of confirmation.
  • Not all employers pay daily; hence some contracts may differ from others in terms of getting paid.
  • You can pay agents to get you acquainted with the staffs and your contractors. This builds more familiarity.
  • Before your first patient comes in; you can explore and get familiar with the computer system and other facilities.
  • When it is possible, try to negotiate a one-week notice period. This offers you time to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the adventure.
  • Locum is interesting if you explore and make the best out of it. Although your cozy bedroom won’t be there, you can arguably find comfort in other things associated with locum practice.