Ways to Improve your Clinic’s Employee Retention Rate

Dental practices – whether big or small – need a comprehensive recruitment and talent management strategy.  After all, the success of your clinic heavily depends on the talented people that run it, so hiring qualified applicants is crucial if you want to increase productivity in the practice and improve your dentist-to-patient experience.

However, after the hiring process is done, what happens next will define your workflow management and employee satisfaction. There’s no point in hiring top-notch candidates if your dental practice can’t keep them, so the next step is to retain talent and mitigate the high cost of turnovers.

Tip #1: Offer Incentives, Benefits, or Competitive Compensation

Before anything else, it’s crucial to understand that professionals need proper compensation if you want to make them feel valued at work. Beyond a reasonably attractive salary, offering benefits can serve as a powerful incentive that satisfies your employees and ensure they work to their fullest potential.

One way to hit the mark when coming up with the ideal compensation package is to look into how much your competitors are paying. This should give you a ballpark figure that not only attracts employees but ensure they feel well-cared for under your direction.

Tip #2: Offer Training Opportunities

It’s true that every employee under your dental practice are industry professionals, but the key to running a successful dental practice is to provide a path where your team can continue their education.

Providing training programs offer opportunities for growth, allowing employees to feel like they are moving forward with their career. It also opens more room to expand skills – from technical expertise and even communication skills for the front desk to improve patient satisfaction.

Tip #3: Promote a Positive Workplace Culture

Seeing as most of the dental staff will be working in your clinic for 40 hours a week, it’s crucial to establish a positive environment where your staff can feel comfortable, happy, and productive. The quality of their service will suffer once the atmosphere drops, making the hours feel arduous.

With an encouraging culture that fosters synergy between employees, everyone will feel happy to go to your dental clinic and work for the better part of the day. Part of building a welcoming culture involves your business values and visually appealing office decor.

Conclusion Getting the right applicants in the door is only half the battle, you need to foster a work culture that encourages employees to stay in your dental practice.  Making use of a coaching and training platform such as www.dentalwealthbuilder.com from Dr’s Bhavna & Rahul Doshi will increase team motivation encouraging staff to stay and benefit the overall performance of your practice.