Ways to Motivate Your Dental Team Through Any Rough Patch 

Whether you specialise in orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, or general dentistry, the overall success of your clinic will always rely on the way your team members work and interact to get tasks done. At this point, you’re probably thinking about what else you need to do so that you can come up with a great team or get your current staff on the same page.

While it’s clear that you’re running a practice out of your passion for helping patients achieve their best smiles, there’s no denying that the experience itself also entails managing your team like you would in a business. As you continue to run your practice smoothly over time, however, you’re guaranteed to run into the problem of having a demotivated team.

Two simple, creative, and effective ways to motivate your dental team

If your team has been facing an uphill battle and it seems like everyone’s been having a rough time, it’s best to act fast so that you prevent other problems from building up and kicking in. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a guide to a few handy ways to motivate your dental team and make it past all the hurdles you’ll face together:

1. Hire productive professionals

If you have a few slots that need to be filled by competent professionals, then you’ll need to take this time to capitalise on the opportunity at hand by hiring productive workers. When you hire great, productive people from the beginning to complete your dental team, it becomes much easier to generate motivation consistently without any drop-offs along the way. While you and your trained professionals handle the service aspect of operations, productive team members can keep everything nice and light so that other team members can focus on doing what they love to do!

2. Measure and incentivise good performance

One of the most common mistakes that dental clinic managers or practice owners get wrong when it comes to boosting motivation at the workplace is that they overlook the need to measure and incentivise performance. Although your current roster of employees is around to help your clinic best serve its customers, it’s critical to understand that they’re driven individuals with goals and motivations. When you neglect this fact, you run into the possibility of further demotivation because they can assume that you seem them as mere pieces of the puzzle.

When approached correctly, measuring and incentivising great work performance will significantly improve the motivation of your team members to excel more in what they do. The effectiveness of this approach is rooted in the fact that any employee will always want to know that they’re doing a great job and be rewarded for it, which will lead to more returns!


When it comes to running a successful dental practice, it’s important to understand the fact that demotivation is one of the biggest business-killers that you’ll need to avoid at all costs. If you find yourself with a demotivated team that’s struggling to make it past the hurdles that lie ahead, following the two tips mentioned above will surely help your practice get back on track! Making use of an eLearning coaching and training platform such as www.dentalwealthbuilder.com from Dr’s Bhavna & Rahul Doshi will increase team motivation and benefit the overall performance of your practice.