3 Tips to Improve Your Dental Recruitment Strategy in the Post-Coronavirus World

Dentistry takes a leading role in the fight against COVID-19. While dentists had a different scope of practice than physicians, they were a valuable resource in diagnosing and flattening the curve of the virus. Despite their pivotal presence, dental practices were still put on hold due to quarantine, putting a massive strain on the industry just like other businesses. 

The blow led to dental practices being severely understaffed, along with other complications that prevent other dental professionals from going back to work even in a post-coronavirus landscape in the UK. The rising unemployment rate proves the need to rethink your dental recruitment strategy, but this time it should approach with the new “normal” in mind.

So what can you do to position your dental practice better during these uncertain times?

Tip #1: Advertise More in Different Digital Channels

People are migrating to online platforms as a response to the social distancing setup, and while more businesses are opening their physical practices again, the need to develop a digital presence becomes even more paramount.

How else would you reach a broader audience now that most prospective employees are likely browsing for jobs on social media? With that in mind, now is the time to advertise on several social channels, so you have higher chances of appealing to more candidates.

Tip #2: Make Your Hiring Ads Compelling

People would indeed jump at an opportunity to get back to the field, but dental professionals also need more reasons to take risks and brace their career with your company amidst all the post-covid, recovery-related challenges ahead.

That means when posting a hiring advert pay attention to the quality of your copy. Aside from being clear, it’s crucial to cover topics that will benefit them, such as a deeper glimpse of your practice’s culture, what a day in life looks like in your practice, and what qualities matter the most to your clinic.

Tips to Improve Your Dental Recruitment Strategy in the Post-Coronavirus World
3 Tips to Improve Your Dental Recruitment Strategy in the Post-Coronavirus World 7

Be sure to write in a way that attracts people who are looking for a productive and meaningful career, not someone who simply wants to fill a role to pass the time.

Tip #3: Don’t Wait Around When You Receive an Application

As businesses are only getting back up and running, no one has the luxury of time to take the recruiting process slowly. The dental industry is no exception, so it’s important to ask fast if your dental practice receives an application from a potential employee.

Once you also spot the best of the bunch, it’s best to set an interview with your top candidate within 24 to 48 hours before another practice snags them away!

The Bottom Line: Why You Should Refocus Your Dental Talent Hiring to Suit the Post-Coronavirus World

Whether it’s a lack of administrative staff, hygienists, nurses, and more, the new reality is that dentistry is struggling with a gap in the job market. As professionals struggle to get back on track, you can overcome this setback by putting your recruitment strategy back to the drawing board, where you can make adjustments that fit today’s demands.

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