Dental Talent – 3 Details You Need To Look Into When Hiring For Your Dental Practice

For any employer, the hiring process involves going through numerous resumes. CVs are instrumental in making a first impression worthy of reaching the next level of the application process, which is the interview. However, the problem is that there are still plenty of resumes handed in that are “too good to be true,” especially in the dental industry. With that, many applicants still falsify their resume just to get a shot at being offered the position, and this leaves the qualified ones to fall behind. 

This is why you must be mindful of what’s written on the resumes before you decide to invite an applicant for an interview. In this article, we will share three vital details that you need to look out for when hiring for your dental practice: 

Employment Gaps or Multiple Positions 

As it is often said, the devil is in the details. Suppose an applicant claims that they worked for a particular company for a year, but in a logical view it’s only actually six months. In that case, you might want to note this down if you end up considering the person worthy of an interview. Another thing is, some resumes may show gaps in employment history. Be sure to take note of this and make an effort to find out what they were doing during the period they were unemployed. 

Education or Academic Achievements

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A common issue on resumes is that many applicants tend to overdo it when it comes to their educational or academic achievements. This is where some of them claim they have finished an entire degree programme, but in reality, they only finished 30 units of coursework. Some even claim they majored in a specific degree, but never actually completed the course. This is why you must check official school records and do background checks to ensure that the applicant’s information is accurate. 

Aspects They Claim to Be Proficient In

Keep in mind that you will find many proficiency skills on resumes, but most of the time, their proficiency level isn’t what you expect them to be. When you take the time to understand the skills of the applicants, you could be surprised that their knowledge and skills are only on a basic level. This is why you need to test their skills first before you offer the position. 

The dental industry leaves little to no room for error, which is why it’s crucial you know how to hire qualified individuals who can professionally get the job done and perform efficiently. Never skip background and reference checks as these are extremely important to determine whether the applicant held the positions they claim. Reduce the chances of getting bad hires that can put your practice at risk due to the wasted time and costs!


As much as you want to trust your instincts during the hiring process, you also need to look into the facts. Resumes can say lots about the applicant, and you have to look into every detail and ensure that their background and reference checks are accurate. Your practice is essential, and it involves the health of individuals. Because of this, you need to have the right people in your team to ensure an effective, successful, and safe practice. 

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