Dental Talent – 4 Key Steps When Hiring Staff for Your Dental Practice

There’s no doubt that the dental industry has been booming in today’s modern society. Many individuals now take their oral health seriously by seeking to improve their oral function and boost their overall smile. Whether for oral aesthetics and functionality purposes, there are various dental works available in the market—ranging from preventative and restorative to cosmetic dentistry. 

If you run a dental practice and are looking to have an addition to your team, here are four key steps to take so that you only hire the best dental practitioners: 

1. Thoroughly filter your candidates

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When looking for a dental practitioner, you must be highly critical in your selection process. First, you need to filter the candidates by assessing their knowledge, skills, level of expertise, areas of specialisation, and track record of experiences in dentistry. If you have your own website, you can simply have a career page and include a job posting there. If not, you can rely on an online recruitment platform––such as with Dental Talent––specialised in the dental industry. Ultimately, be sure to review all the CVs of your candidates and narrow them down to those that best meet the requirements of your practice.

2. Conduct face-to-face interviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your candidates into a few prospects, you can now proceed to the next crucial step, which is to conduct face-to-face interviews. During this stage, you won’t only gauge their knowledge and skills in the industry, but you’ll go deeper by evaluating their commitment and dedication to the dental profession. While you’re at it, be sure to ask the right questions to see if they are the right fit for your dental practice. Through these interviews, you can further filter out those who may not have the same ideals as you do.

3. Check references

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At this point, you can go ahead and check their references to validate these prospects. Be sure to contact their character references, whether the previous employers they worked for or the schools where they had their dental practice. From there, you’ll be able to assess who is the right candidate for your dental practice. Ultimately, you can come up with a final decision and get a worthy dental practitioner who can contribute to the success of your business in the long run!

4. Set your staff for success

Know that your obligation as an employer doesn’t stop after the hiring process. Once you’ve rounded up your team of dental practitioners, you have the responsibility to set them all for success. Keep in mind that every team member plays a vital role in the direction of your dental practice. The best thing to do is to invest in them by giving them proper training and certification. Also, always maintain open lines of communication and build good relationships with each other to help your dental practice grow, thrive, and flourish!


At this point, you now know the four crucial steps to take when hiring staff for your dental practice. All it takes is to thoroughly filter your candidates, conduct face-to-face interviews, check references, and set your team for success. With all these steps, you’ll end up hiring the right people who can bring success to your dental practice and kick your business up a notch!

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