Dental Talent – 4 Smart Tips for Ending Your Cover Letter – Our Guide

One of the most essential documents you need to prepare when you’re looking for dentistry jobs in the UK is your CV. Aside from this, however, you also need to prepare a great cover letter.

Your CV will let recruiters know your basic information, while your cover letter will help them get to know your story, skills and qualifications better. Considering this, if done right, a cover letter can help you stand out in a sea of applicants.

It is for this reason that you must write a compelling letter. You need to write something that will perfectly highlight your abilities and achievements to draw your recruiter’s attention.

Truth be told, however, this is often easier said than done.

Once you start sitting in front of a blank document, you may realise that the right words are just hard to come by. You may also have gotten your intro and body down, but you may be struggling to wrap it all up. If you find yourself in the same situation, worry not for we’ve got you covered! In the sections below, you will find four smart ways to end your cover letter and make a lasting impression.

1. Be Enthusiastic

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Recruiters are on the lookout not only for skilled dental talents but also enthusiastic and confident ones. This is something you have to remember when writing your cover letter, as well as when communicating with recruiters in general.

You can show your enthusiasm and zeal by expressing your interest in learning more about the opportunity. You may also add how you are eager to share with them how you can be a great fit for their practice through an interview. Such an attitude will help recruiters recognise how passionate you are about the position.

2. Express Your Readiness to Work and Willingness to be Trained

If you want to showcase your enthusiasm further, you may end your letter by expressing how excited you are in helping the practice grow. You may also express your willingness to be trained to become a contributing member of the team in no time.

As mentioned earlier, recruiters want talents who are enthusiastic. On top of that, they look for candidates who are easy to train and are prepared for the position. Ending your cover letter in this manner will intrigue employers and look forward to meeting you in person for interviews.

3. Mention Your Motivations

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Another great way to end your cover letter is to express your reason behind applying for a certain company. Whether it’s what you find attractive about the company or the role, mentioning them in your letter lets recruiters know how fervent you are about the opportunity. Having a genuinely interesting story and wording it properly may just be what you need to be shortlisted and invited for interviews. 

4. Add a ‘Call to Action’ Statement

If the first three options don’t seem appropriate for your situation, you may end it with a ‘call to action’ statement. Rather than simply saying that you’ll want to stay in touch, you can express your intention to follow up on your application on a certain date. This will allow the recruiter to know when and how you will be getting in touch with them.

However, if you choose to end your cover letter this way, make sure to follow up with the recruiter on the time and date you mentioned. Keep your word!


Writing a compelling cover letter will help improve your chances of getting noticed by the dental office you wish to apply for. That said, this task may not be as simple or as straightforward as you expected it to be. If you are struggling to end your letter, you can find inspiration from the tips mentioned above. Showcasing your enthusiasm, passion, and assertiveness will certainly pique recruiters’ interests and improve your chances of clinching the job.

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