Dental Talent – Job Applicant Essentials How to Write Your Cover Letter

As a job applicant, you’ll need to master all the requirements to apply for a job. From creating the perfect resume to practising your job interview, preparing beforehand is an excellent way to become better at these prerequisites.

When applying for a job, most companies will require you to present a cover letter to show a little bit about yourself to a hiring manager. Although it may seem like a simple email draft, many job seekers tend to flop on this first step. This is why it’s necessary to make an effective cover letter to move on to the next round of your chosen company’s application process.

The secret to writing a compelling cover letter

An effective cover letter is one way to stand out among the rest of the potential job applicants. Don’t fall for its simple format as an email template. Hiring managers look for many nuances on your cover letter to identify if you’re a worthy person to bring onboard their company.

If you want to write a compelling cover letter for your job application, here are three tips to make you a better candidate:

1. Don’t copy-paste your resume as your cover letter

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A common mistake among beginner job applicants is translating their resume into the cover letter. It makes you look redundant by repeating your work history twice if you already have your resume document attached to the email.

Keep in mind that your cover letter needs to express your career’s narrative, not your entire work history. Focus on establishing your relevant qualifications and highlighting any prominent positions or companies you have worked with over the past few years. Make sure that you’re writing a story that your prospective company’s hiring manager will find informative. However, don’t forget to add your own individuality so that you can stand out among the other applicants

2. Don’t use a generic cover template

If you’re sending resumes to multiple jobs at once, you may tend to use the same cover letter template for them all. This is mostly the case when you’re applying for similar positions in the same industry. However, using a generic format will lower your chances of moving to the next level for the application process.

Although job positions may seem similar at first glance, there are subtle differences between titles and how companies view them. For this reason, you must do your research on how the vacant position fits in the company’s mission and vision. Customise your message to show how you’ll be the best person for the role. Remember to back up your claims by citing essential work experience and skill sets from your resume.

3. Keep your cover letter compact and straightforward

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Many job applicants make the mistake of writing too much on their cover letters. It usually contains a lot of soft skills or detailed work histories that will be tiresome to read. Keep in mind that hiring managers need to go through hundreds, maybe thousands, of potential job applicants. Your CV letter’s length shouldn’t be the reason why your chosen company won’t even look at your application.

Focus on essential information when you’re writing your cover letter. The more compact your messages are, the more likely HR managers will consider you an organised individual. Create a seamless flow of thoughts and ensure that you have a proper start and ending on how you present yourself.


Mastering all the essential documents to help land you a job is one way to increase your chances of getting a favourable reply from your chosen company. However, you can go the extra mile by partnering up with industry-specific recruitment platforms. Signing up on these networks will make it easier for you to find viable employers who will want to reach out to you.

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