Dental Talent – What Defines a Great Dentist – What Recruiters Need to Know

Dental recruiters like you need to be well-oriented on what makes a great dentist. However, you may not know what exact qualities are found in the best dentists. Fortunately for you, all you have to do is keep reading to find out!

This article will discuss the most admirable qualities of a dentist. Take this as an opportunity to be the most trustworthy dental recruiter in your industry.


All dentists require the completion of a five-year dentistry course approved by the General Dental Council, meaning you can find a great dentist based on their academic performance and recommendations.

However, you may also have to gauge your dental job candidates’ educational background on the spot to ensure that their dentistry knowledge is second nature to them. For example, let’s say you need dentists who can handle the pressures of an emergency scenario. You can test your dental job candidates by asking them complex situational questions. Ask your clients for professional advice to formulate the best questions and find ideal candidates efficiently.

Compassionate and child-friendly

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Family dentistry is an essential service for most dental clinics, meaning you can always find clients who need suitable dentists for the job. In particular, the dentist needs to have general compassion for their patients, especially children. That is because child patients are often the most difficult to deal with due to their tantrums during visits to the dentist. It can affect the quality of your services, like deep cleaning and cavity filling.

As such, be on the lookout for dental job candidates who have critical postgraduate training in numerous fields and speak fondly about their experiences with multiple patients. Prioritise candidates who have either worked with children or have an endearing quality that will enable them to treat any kind of dental patient.

You can also ask them for additional contact information, like where these candidates had their postgraduate training, to ask and check in with their supervisors whether they can vouch for their competence and compassion among dental patients. That way, you can ensure that your clients can form the best teams for their clinics.

Great communication skills

Great dentists are effective communicators because they know that dental patients need to understand the reason behind each procedure done to their teeth. Communication skills are also a necessity during most clinic scenarios, where dentists often take the lead in scheduling and equipment procurement through the assistance of their staff.

To gauge communication skills, be a keen observer during the interview process. You can ask leading questions that can test your candidates’ communication skills. For example, you can ask them how they would explain a root canal to a ten-year-old dental patient. By doing so, you can recommend well-seasoned professionals who can take charge of any dental clinic.

Great business skills

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You need the money and great budgeting skills to run an effective dental clinic, but not many dentists know what it takes. This sense of business is what sets great dentists apart from the rest.

For example, let’s say you need to find a dentist for a starting-off cosmetic dentistry clinic. They may already have a business advisor, meaning they just need a dentist who is willing to learn.

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Your job as a dental recruiter is to find the best candidates, meaning you have to identify what makes dentists great. Fortunately, you now know what defining qualities to look for and have access to the best dental recruitment tools.

Jumpstart your professional dental recruitment career today by finding the best dentists.

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