Dental Talent – 3 Reasons Your Dental Firm Can’t Find Job Candidates

Whenever you post an opening for your dental practice, you can expect to receive a flood of applications to sift through and find the perfect employee. This would typically be the case for the most part, but there are times when a practice or firm is hiring but barely receives any applications.

There are many possible reasons for this issue, most of which can come from your end. You have probably made a mistake that has prevented your job openings from getting seen or noticed.

If you find yourself struggling to attract talented workers for your dental practice, here are the possible causes you might want to look into:

Dental Talent - 3 Reasons Your Dental Firm Can't Find Job Candidates 7

1. You are in a rush

Sometimes, all you need is a little more patience to find suitable candidates, especially if your practice is located in a rural area. Urban dental clinics generally fill job openings much faster than those rural places since they are found in more densely populated cities.

However, this is not to say that urban dental clinics are risk-free from the issue. In fact, even dental clinics in big cities are starting to have more difficulty in finding suitable candidates. With that in mind, remember to be patient. If you have offered a clear job ad with a competitive salary, all you can do is wait.

2. The advertisement is too long

Your job ad must contain all the necessary information so that only the most qualified will apply. However, if it is too long and detailed, you will only end up confusing those looking for jobs. In short, remember to keep your job posting simple and straightforward.

You can point out a few critical skills you are looking for in your ad. To add more information without making the entire ad look overly complicated, you can provide a web link that goes deeper into what you are looking for.

3. You did not set up a career page

If you have a career page on your dental practice’s website, then it is essential to post your job offerings there. You can also post the opening on various channels like a job board, whether online or offline.

However, be sure to lead these back to your career page. This is to give the candidates a clear sign that the job offering is indeed genuine. They can also further explore your business and learn more about you through that link. They can also come back to the career page next time if they are still job hunting.


Unfortunately, dental practices are increasingly finding it harder to find talented individuals to work for their clinics. Other than the reasons mentioned above, there are many other factors that might affect your search, such as higher expectations from your end and fewer individuals studying dentistry.

Be sure to create a short, easy-to-understand job advertisement that leads back to your website’s career page. With a competitive salary thrown into the mix, you will receive a suitable application sooner rather than later.

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