Dental Talent Spotlight: The Best Dental Podcasts in the UK to Follow

For dental professionals in the UK and those with a penchant for British perspectives, podcasts have become a mainstay for continuing education, networking, and staying in the loop with the latest industry developments. Here’s a spotlight on some of the best UK-centric dental podcasts that are worth a listen:

  1. The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes
    • Overview: While not UK-specific, Dr. Mark Costes provides universal entrepreneurial insights tailored for dental professionals from all regions.
    • Why Listen: Ideal for those managing or aspiring to have their own dental practices. It covers managing teams, optimising profits, and overall dental business strategies.
  2. Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
    • Overview: Another internationally recognized podcast, Howard Farran delivers candid discussions on a range of dental topics, making it relevant for British listeners as well.
    • Why Listen: For a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in dentistry with straight-to-the-point opinions.
  3. The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs
    • Overview: This podcast, while international, provides techniques and business strategies that UK dental professionals can easily adapt.
    • Why Listen: It’s a mix of practical advice and business strategies tailored for everyday dental practice.
  4. The BACD Podcast
    • Overview: An offering from the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, this podcast delves into topics related to cosmetic dentistry in the UK, including case discussions, innovations, and best practices.
    • Why Listen: Essential for professionals in the cosmetic dentistry field in the UK. It provides local insights and discussions from leading practitioners.
  5. A Tale of Two Hygienists
    • Overview: Co-hosted by Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston, this podcast is excellent for UK hygienists, providing tips and insights tailored to their unique roles.
    • Why Listen: Focuses on the world of hygienists, with both clinical and patient care strategies.
  6. The Dental Hacks Podcast
    • Overview: While Dr. Alan Mead and Dr. Jayme Amos bring an international perspective, their discussions on clinical techniques and new dental products resonate with a UK audience.
    • Why Listen: For a relaxed take on the latest in dentistry.
  7. The Life and Dentistry Podcast
    • Overview: A refreshing perspective from dental students and new dentists as they share their journeys, this podcast can resonate with those in the UK looking to compare experiences across borders.
    • Why Listen: A younger, fresh perspective on the challenges and triumphs of entering the dental profession.

For UK dental professionals and enthusiasts, these podcasts offer a mix of local expertise and international perspectives. Whether you’re looking for clinical tips, industry trends, or personal experiences, there’s a podcast out there tailored to your interests.