Dental Nurse Jobs

Dental Nurse Jobs

A dental nurse aids the dentist in all aspects of dental care. During a patient’s dental care, dental nurse supports the dentist making sure the treatment goes well without blemish.

Working Life:

As a dental nurse, your duty varies depending on the occasion. You might help with reception work and could also help other members of the dental team. A dental nurse works alongside dentists, dental technicians, dental technologists, hygienists, therapist and other dental specialists. The work and support in the treatment of all patients of all age groups.

Some patients could come for check-ups, while others will come for more complex treatments like dental surgery.

You will need to reassure patients and always put them at ease when supporting the team in aspects of patient’s care.

In a dental practice, a dental nurse welcomes patients and provides supports during treatments proper. The duties of a dental nurse include but not limited to:

Decontaminating instruments use in dental treatments

Maintaining the dental operating equipment

Making sure all relevant materials are in place

Checking out relevant patients records including making important notes when a dentist is examining a patient

Responding quickly to requests and generally keeping the surgery ready for use

Working closely with a dentist and other specialists in the dental field

Ensuring a high standard of cleanliness, prevention and control of infection


With extra training and exposure, a dental nurse could take x-rays, clinical photographs, take impressions, make models of teeth, and apply fluoride to prevent tooth decays.

Tact and discretion is an essential quality for a dental nurse. You can also help in reception work, care for people and help ease the overly anxious patients.

Dental nurse handles confidential patient information; hence must always be sure to keep to the ethics.


Dental Nurse Entry Requirements:

Without formal academic qualification, you can work as a trainee dental nurse. To progress to a qualified dental nurse, one has study a course in dental nursing either as a full time or part-time student.

The exact course requirements vary depending on the provider, but a minimum of 2 GCSEs not less than C grade in English language, Maths and a science subject is often required. For a part-time program, Maths, English language and a Science subject are always needed.  In the UK, the specific ‘science’ subject is not fixed; it depends on the provider.

For full-time degree level courses, some providers may require A-levels or equivalent level 3 qualifications. You can check ‘course finder’ to know the available courses. Always check out individual providers to find out their exact entry requirement for the course.

A level 3 apprenticeship is another route in dental nursing. It confers the required qualifications in dental nursing. To know where to see job and apprenticeship vacancies, check-up the job markets and vacancies.


To be a successful dental nurse, you must be willing to work as a team, open your mind and ready to learn and understand the science behind dentistry and its procedures.

The work environment requires you to be cautious and friendly because you will be meeting a broad range of patients each with their culture, problem and character.

To offer the best advice and education, always be friendly and courteous no matter the work-condition.

Most times, you will need to follow instructions from the dentist or dental specialist. As a dental nurse, don’t be shy to ask questions because this expands your knowledge of understanding and helps you to know what is required of you. Since most patients are always afraid of some procedures, always reassure them and make them feel at peace. It also falls in your hand to care for post-surgery patients.